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Helena Valley Primary School is an Independent Public School at the heart of an amazing community.



Helena Valley Primary School is a school whom prides itself on relationships with the families and community. Through staff shared beliefs about learning, hard work and determination, staff and families prepare our children to become healthy adolescents ready for high school.

With approximately 320 students, the school maintains a warm, close knit community feeling.

Teaching and learning

Teaching and learning is based on staff common understandings and shared beliefs about how children learn.

Letters and Sounds, Talk for Writing and the research behind the Science of Reading is the basis for Literacy learning at Helena Valley Primary School.

The teaching of Mathematics is based on the work of Dr Paul Swan with a focus on Problem Solving, vocabulary building and knowledge and use of basic facts.

Staff have a shared understanding of what society predicts students will need to be successful adults, through the use of Project Based Learning, where students are taught the 21st Century skills predicted to be needed to be successful in the workplace as adults.

SpecialiST AREAS

At Helena Valley Primary School students are offered the following specialist classes from Pre-primary to Year 6.

Visual Arts


Languages - Italian

Physical Education

Digital Technologies

Doodle Heart Line

Social + Emotional

Staff at Helena Valley have a strong belief regarding the development of the ‘Whole Child’, recognising that before learning can happen students need to have their core needs met.

Staff use Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) as the basis for this with an understanding that students need to be taught the expected behaviours of the school and society.

Our core values of Excellence, Responsibility and Citizenship underpin all that we do.

The school has a strong Case Management approach towards the care and nurturing of our most vulnerable students and families. Utilising the experience of all staff and supports such as our school Nurse, Chaplain and Psychologist.

All staff go the extra mile for the students and families at Helena Valley Primary School.

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2024 P&C Welcome to families movie night

Parents and families are our strongest and most cherished partners. The education of our students is based on the age old saying:

“It takes a Village to raise a child”

2024 Community Board Member Kendall Earnshaw

presenting the School Spirit Award 2023

2024 School Board Chair Ashleigh Hemsley

School Board

As an Independent Public School, staff work with highly dedicated parents and community to provide Governance over what we do as a school and assurances to the community of our successes. They are instrumental at a ground level in developing the School Business Plan and participate in the Public School Review Process.

The Board meets to discuss:


Achievement of Business Plan Targets,



Risk Management

P&C 2023

Hard working and dedicated to the students and families of HVPS.


The P&C are a dedicated group of parents and community members who work with the school staff, essentially to maintain ties between families and the school in more social and creative ways such as communication through the P&C Facebook page and fundraising events for either students, families or parent evenings.

The P&C also provide families with services such as uniform shop and canteen.

Before and After

School Care

Having Before and After School Care on the school site has been a saving grace for many of our families. When the Board selected Skooleez as our preferred supplier, they selected Skooleez for their capacity to work with the school and families and their shared belief in developing community.

They are a separate entity to the school so although we can provide you with information you must contact them to engage in their service.

Helena Valley

Lifestyle Village

The residents of the Helena Valley Lifestyle Village have a long-standing partnership with the staff and students at Helena Valley Primary School with residents visiting the school to listen to our students read daily and volunteer in the School Canteen. Annually, the school choir visits the Village to perform for the residents as part of our Music program.

Staff meeting with the residents at the Helena Valley Lifestyle Village

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School Tours

Please email HelenaValley.PS@education.wa.edu.au to register your interest in attending a school tour.

School Tour Dates Term 2 2024

Tuesday 28th May 9.00am

Thursday 30th May 10.00am

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