Teaching & Learning

Staff at Helena Valley Primary School provide students with learning opportunities based on well researched and evidence based programs.

All curriculum is developed based on mandated frameworks such as the WA Curriculum, the Early Years Learning Framework and the Kindergarten Guidelines.

Specific programs utilised across the school to develop student learning opportunities are:
  • Letters and Sounds – A synthetic phonics program used from K to year 3
  • Talk for Writing – A writing program used to teach K to year 6 writing frameworks, punctuation and grammar
  • Literacy Pro – A reading based program that is used from year 3 to year 6. Students are levelled and are able to read these books and take comprehension quizzes on line
  • Brightpath – A writing and maths assessment tool staff use to assess student work and further plan for student learning
  • Project Based Learning – An enquiry based approach to teaching HASS and Science in all years
  • Positive Behaviour Support – PBS is a whole school model is designed to teach students prosocial and expected behaviours in an explicit manner. It is a driving influence across the school in all learning environments
  • Maths – Maths curriculum planning is based on the work of Dr Paul Swan. The whole school participates in a Friday Problem Solving challenge and mental computation challenge (Maths Mad Minute) each term
  • Digital Technology – The school is well resourced with IPads, computers and other digital resources, that students are able to utilise in all learning areas.

  • Specialist areas

    Currently students at Helena Valley Primary School are afforded the opportunity to attend the following specialist classes:
  • Italian – year 1 to 6
  • Physical Education – Pre-Primary to year 6
  • Digital Technologies – Pre-Primary to year 6
  • Visual Arts – Pre-Primary to year 6
  • Music – Pre-Primary to year 6